Florida Supply Chain

Supply Chain Summit:  Fall 2024 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the 2024 Florida Supply Chain Summit, originally scheduled for April 29, 30, and May 1, 2024, will not be held on those dates.

What’s the opportunity?

We will continue to move forward with a new fiscal agent to house the Summit, and the date will be determined later this year.

The location will be Miami.


The mission of the Florida Supply Chain Summit is to provide a platform for statewide collaboration among key representatives from industry, professional organizations, government, economic development agencies, and higher education for the purpose of advancing the state of Florida as a global trade hub.



The Florida Supply Chain Summit facilitates and strengthens partnerships in the trade and logistics industry by providing opportunities to network, address industry issues, and share knowledge about critical issues including emerging trends, technology innovations, and workforce development.


Proposal – Value Proposition to the State of Florida

  • Statewide industry/government/academic network engagement
  • Industry discussions and topics on supply chain disruptions
  • Dedicated, sustainable staff and resources for statewide initiative


Summit History

The Florida Supply Chain Summit started in 2019 hosting several hundred attendees in its inaugural event. The Summit has had editions in Orlando and Tampa, as well as virtually, and is excited to head to Miami in 2024, continuing the mission to engage statewide stakeholders' efforts to develop Florida as a global trade hub.


Summit Planning

A state-wide steering committee engages key stakeholders and decision makers. This working group determines key messages and topics for the Summit. 

The aim is to develop an attractive platform that enables collaboration among representatives from Florida’s key industries, professional organizations, economic development agencies, government officials, and higher education institutions.

Anticipated Attendance   200 – 350


Program / Topics - Examples

  • Florida, Formula for Business
  • Ease of Access to the World – An Update from Florida’s Largest Ports
  • Latin and South American Trade
  • Florida’s Manufacturing and Supply Chain Growth
  • How Technology is Saving Time, Money & Jobs in Florida
  • Florida’s Cold Chain – Keeping Things Fresh
  • The Future of the Supply Chain – Space Florida
  • Importer & Exporter Perspectives on the Global Supply Chain
  • Florida – We are Open for Business

For More Information

Joanne Kazmierski, Partnerships and Sponsorships, JoanneK@GlobalBusinessLogistix.com, C - 727.644.1180