• Halle-Horne

    Halle Horne

    Halle Horne is a Senior Director responsible for Supply Chain Execution at Blue Origin. Halle is responsible for the Procurement and Supply Chain Program Management organizations. Prior to joining…

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  • Bobby Harris

    Bobby Harris

    Bobby Harris is the Founder and CEO of BlueGrace Logistics, a tech-enabled 3rd party logistics firm headquartered in Tampa, FL. BlueGrace is known for a focus on high-performance shipping…

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  • Walter Kemmsies

    Walter Kemmsies

    Dr. Walter Kemmsies is widely viewed as one of the foremost experts on ports, rail, and infrastructure in the U.S. His areas of expertise include demand forecasting, maritime and…

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  • Wade Elliott

    Wade Elliott

    Wade Elliott is the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for the Port of Tampa Bay. He has more than 30 years of port business development and…

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  • Trisha Hendrickson

    Trisha Hendrickson

    With over 26 years in Software Development, Trisha Hendrickson has successfully led various technical teams in implementing and delivering solutions for mid-size and large corporations. In Trisha’s current…

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  • TJ Villamil

    TJ Villamil

    TJ Villamil is the Senior Vice President of the International Trade and Development (ITD) unit at Enterprise Florida, Inc. The ITD division is considered one of the best statewide…

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  • Shane Williams

    Shane Williams

    Shane Williams is recognized as a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) and economic development expert. He has overseen one of the largest FTZ projects in the country while working with…

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  • Rochelle Savel

    Rochelle Savel

    Rochelle Savel has more than 20 years of experience in the supply chain industry. She is responsible for building new supply chains for Corning’s innovations and new businesses. In…

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  • Reade Kidd

    Reade Kidd

    Reade Kidd is CEO and founder of EDRAY, a technology-driven platform that dramatically changes the handling and process flow of international and domestic containers at U.S. ports and rail…

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  • Monica Wooden

    Monica Wooden

    Monica Wooden is co-founder and past CEO of MercuryGate International, Inc. There she developed MercuryGate into one of the most sophisticated and flexible Transportation Management Systems (TMS) available. Prior…

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